Abbey is officially a Therapy Dog

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It’s hard to believe her amputation was just 4 months ago.

We are turning this tough situation into an opportunity to help others.

Abbey passed her test last month and her paperwork just came today.  She rocked the test, I must say she did better than most of the quad paws.

We will visit hospitals and other facilities. She had her first session before she had even taken the test. We ran into a veteran in a wheelchair who had lost his leg, the immediate bond was inspirational!


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Another week of firsts for Abbey

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

I am so amazed with her progress!  This past week, 3rd week after surgery, she has had many more firsts.

I knew she was doing really well when we were at PetSmart and we were heading out and I was fidgeting with the bag and receipt etc.  I looked up when a woman stopped and declared “why I think you are slowing her down”.  I realized she was right, she was pulling on the leash trying to get me to move faster. I beamed with pride, I am so incredibly proud of how well she is doing.

  1. She is now going up and down the stairs without issue.  I have a video attached because for some reason this really bothered me before her surgery.  To the point that I was planning to sell my house and buy a ranch.  I couldn’t really find any videos showing tripawds on stairs.  I knew the going up would not be an issue but wasn’t sure how she would fare going down.  spoiler alert: no problem for my little girl  🙂
  2. She consistently jumps into the car, it is still to high for her to jump down.  But she gets in with great ease.
  3. She consistently brings her toy to me to let me know she wants to go out and play fetch
  4. Back to the park and she was in the river for the first time.  It was really warm today and there were a few dogs going in and of course my girl went right in and had a smile on her face.

1st day back at the park


Abbey’s first day back at the park was a huge success.

She was so excited to go.  I bent over to pick her up to put her in the car and she wasn’t having any of that.  She jumped straight into the back without any help.  I think I heard her say “I got this Mom” 🙂    Once at the park we didn’t go far, as I didn’t want her to over do it on the first visit.  So we went for a very short walk and then back to the car.  She visited with a few other dogs as they were arriving for their morning walks.  She was fine around the other dogs, it was the usual butt sniffing and then on to the next butt to sniff.    Her stitches come out on Monday.  She is progressing quite well, I am sooooo pleased.

Abbey’s Surgery


Weekend before Surgery

This was a weekend full of tears, guilt, second guesses and hours and hours of internet searches.  More importantly it was a lot of fun filled trips to the park and A LOT of hugs and cuddles.

Tuesday, Feb. 9th – The surgery

Woke up this morning and we cuddled on the couch.  My fitbit read 111 steps, these are my angel numbers.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.   The time approached to head in for surgery, one last trip to the park before I dropped her off.  I cried all morning but tried to distract myself with work.   Finally, the call from the doctor.  She is out of surgery and all went well.  Huge sigh of relief!

Wednesday, Feb. 10th – The day after

I got the call from Dr. Adam, she is doing amazingly well.  She was standing up and even snuck out of her crate.  I don’t think they expected her to do as well as she was doing.  She walked out to go potty and is wagging her tail and looking for loving from everyone.  Did I mention that she is an amazing athlete?  She isn’t a food motivated poochie at all.  She is play motivated.  I think her strong will to play and love has contributed to her fast recovery. I can come and pick her up tonight.  Needless to say I have a huge smile on my face.  My baby is coming home.  🙂                                        IMG_0119

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